Rent our Facility for Your Next Event

Our beautiful, historic facility can accommodate a variety of events:
The Theatre, Victorian Parlor, Grand Banquet Hall, and second-floor conference rooms are all available for rent.

A large commercial kitchen is attached to the Grand Banquet Hall. There are kitchenettes on the first and second floors.

The Murdock Theatre, Victorian Parlor, Grand Banquet Hall, and restrooms are all wheel-chair accessible.

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Theatre Specs

Built: 1931 - Re-opened: 2005
Seating: 300 seats in main floor, 194 in balcony
Projector: DLP Projector; 7,000 lumens; Ratio: DVD and digital High-Definition projection capabilities, laptop-compatible
Screen:  25’ x 16’ screen
Sound: Dolby surround sound

Concessions: can include traditional movie theatre treats (popcorn, candy, soft drinks). A full bar is also available.
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*The following rates are an estimate. Please contact us for a custom quote on pricing.

Rental Rate: The total cost is variable; depending on the type of event, number of people, and the length of the event. $100-$200/hr with a 3-hr minimum plus $1/person over 100 people. The four hours includes load-in/load-out time.  The hourly rate after midnight is $200/hr.  Building may not be occupied past 2am.

Security Deposit: The security deposit is $300 with alcohol; $200 without alcohol.  It will be refunded within one week of the event if there is no damage or overtime.

Rental Deposit: To hold the date, you will need to pay a deposit of $400 with the balance due one month prior to the event.

Personnel: There is a mandatory personnel charge of $20/hr.  This person is here to monitor the building, answer questions, and generally assist the lessee.  He/she can adjust house and stage lights but is not primarily in charge of the sound board or light board.  You will need to provide your own tech people in addition.

Security: One security attendant is provided.  Additional security personnel are available at $20/hr.  Alternatively, you may provide your own additional security attendants.  If you do, the attendants must arrange to meet with our security attendant before guests’ arrival to discuss building policies.

Rooms Included:  The Murdock Theatre includes one adjacent dressing room.  The Victorian Parlor is available for performers to sell CDs, t-shirts, etc.  There is no additional charge if the Victorian Parlor is used primarily as a lobby and not as an event space. Tables are available at no charge.  Linens are available at a rate of $7-$10.

Victorian Parlor Add-on: A reception in the Victorian Parlor costs between $200 and $975, depending on the nature of the event and number of hours needed.  Rental includes table and chair set-up, linens, and kitchen use.

Additional Dressing Rooms: The two smaller upstairs dressing rooms are $100 each for the duration of the event.  The two larger upstairs dressing rooms are $150 each for the duration of the event.

Concessions: There are two options for concessions.
·    We do concessions: $300 minimum
·    You sell concessions: There is a $100 flat fee to sell your own concessions.  If you plan to sell alcohol, you will be required to hire at least one bartender at $25/hr per bartender.  You do not need to hire our personnel for non-alcoholic beverages and food.

Clean-Up: Guests may bring food and drinks in the theatre.  You are required to clean up any trash/spills.  Alternatively, you can hire our cleaning service, which ranges from $50 - $100.

Sponsorship: Certain non-profit events may be eligible for a reduced rental fee.  Please inquire for details.

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Few places in Wichita can offer such versatility for a memorable celebration as the 20th Century Center.

Known as the meeting place of the 20th Century Club ladies’ club since the 1920’s and listed on the Kansas Historical Register, The 20th Century Center boasts an array of rooms perfect for staging weddings, receptions and special events.

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